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Ukrainian Institute for Education and Research

An investment in education pays the best interest                       Український


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Free training provided to those people who do not have regular access to a computer. Classes include: Basic computer literacy; Word for beginners; Excel for beginners; PowerPoint for beginners; Access for beginners; 


We provide free assistance to Ukrainians who intend to study in the UK. Our services include: English language training, advice on the UK university and programmes of study, assistance with the research proposal, bursaries available, entry visa, travelling and accommodation during the study period


Research project organised at national level in order to identify Ukrainian students’ opinions regarding the quality of the education provided by their universities

Project UA Market

Market research provided to Ukrainian and foreign companies on the Ukrainian market, trends, customers’ opinions. Projects at local or national level that helped managers make informed decisions regarding their investments.


Training organised in the UK in collaboration with SPANG group for the training and re-training of surgeons in medical institutions in the UK. We organise the logistics, assist with obtaining an entry visa, organise travelling and accommodation during the training period in the UK for Ukrainian surgeons

Project LEARN Ukrainian

Classes provided to foreign students who study or intend to study in Ukrainian universities in order for them to master the language and understand the culture of the society they live in.

Some of our projects