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Ukrainian Institute for Education and Research

An investment in education pays the best interest                       Український



What we do?

The Ukrainian Institute for Education and Research is a social enterprise which aims at enhancing the educational opportunities for those who want to study. We also organise research activities that underpin excellence in education.


How we do it?

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We achieve our aims by involving tens of experts in different areas and by developing a large variety of Projects.

 Some of our projects generate income that is subsequently utilised to support the development of social projects involving disadvantaged people in the society.


Who do we work with?

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We work in collaboration with over 65 experts from all over the country that are conducting research, produce reports, deliver classes for in class and online studies, organise and manage research and educational projects.  Our collaborators include students, lecturers, professors, researchers and managers.

Our principles

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We start from the assumption that well educated people are the most important resource of a country.

Well educated, in our opinions mean people who are competent in their area and have a positive attitude towards work and towards others.